26 July 2012

Zakir Hussain & Masters of percussion

Zakir Hussain & Masters of percussion

Zakir Hussain – tabla
Rakesh Chaurasia – bansuri flute
Ganesh Rajagopalan – violin
Sridar Parthasarathy – mridangam & kanjira
Navin Sharma – dholak
T.H.V. Umashankar – ghatam

That was one of the greatest concert I've ever heard! What an enormous amount of energy! 
(Except that sound wiring was REALLY lousy for photographing ;-) )
I wanted to upload all of the pics (19) but I think that's a pretty big deal for a blog post, so here you go...15 is enough. :-D

I won't be writing posts now... I'll take a break... going to spend some time with books, running and music.
I'll be back on 8th of august.
See you soon. :-)

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